Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party claws its way onto Switch today
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Inspector Gadget: MAD Time Party claws its way onto Switch today

Matthew Broderick is nowhere to be seen

Microids is excited to announce the release of the video game “Inspector Gadget: Mad Time Party” today, available digitally on the Nintendo Switch. The retail version of the game is scheduled for launch in October 2023.

In this brand-new party game from Smart Tale Games, 1-4 players can immerse themselves in the beloved world of Inspector Gadget. Featuring iconic settings from the original series, familiar characters like Chief Quimby, Penny, and the M.A.D. agents, and Inspector Gadget’s array of gadgets, players will be able to combat the evil M.A.D. agents.

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As you take on the iconic Inspector Gadget and team up with your friends, prepare for some “Wowsers!” Metro City finds itself under the control of the malevolent Dr. Claw, and Inspector Gadget is on a mission to save the city. To do so, he must employ a time machine to journey into the past. However, a mishap occurs, resulting in Inspector Gadget’s ancestors being transported to the present.

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Inspector Gadget
Inspector Gadget: Mad Time Party

Your task is to navigate Metro City, confront Inspector Gadget’s ancestors, and retrieve the missing components of the malfunctioned time machine. To accomplish this, you’ll need to solve mini-game quests that will grant you the necessary bolts to repair the machine. Get ready for an adventure full of fun and gadget-filled excitement!

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