Here are 3 Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features that beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max
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Here are 3 Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features that beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Before a single phone is released, let’s compare them.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is on the horizon, set to make its debut in a few weeks (or so we hope). Even though the official details about its specifications and price are still under wraps, the internet is buzzing with leaks and rumors, giving us a sneak peek into what we can anticipate. While the exact features and cost are not confirmed, trustworthy sources have provided some insights, allowing us to indulge in a bit of comparison shopping ahead of the official release.

Now, considering this, let’s delve into a few possible features of the S24 Ultra that could give Samsung’s phone a competitive edge over the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra real yet? No, but who cares? Let’s do some comparison shopping anyway.

The launch of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone is right around the corner, or so we believe, with just a couple of weeks to go. As is customary, the internet is abuzz with a plethora of leaks and rumors surrounding the device. While the exact specifications and pricing details remain unknown, reliable sources in the leaking community have provided us with a preliminary understanding of what to anticipate.

Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss some potential features of the S24 Ultra that could give Samsung’s phone an advantage over the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

1. Camera

People investing their hard-earned money in new flagship smartphones often prioritize a top-notch camera. Apple has long been a leader in this area, although Google has made its mark too. However, Samsung seems to have some tricks up its sleeve for the S24 Ultra, as suggested by reliable leaker Ice Universe.

In terms of sheer numbers, Samsung’s new phone is rumored to feature a 200MP main rear lens, a substantial increase over Apple’s 48MP main lens. Yet, this might not be a game-changer for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the number of megapixels alone doesn’t necessarily determine photo quality, and secondly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra already boasts a 200MP main lens.

While the S24 Ultra’s photos may or may not outshine those of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung reportedly takes the lead in video capabilities. The S24 Ultra is said to be capable of recording videos at 4K resolution and 120 frames per second. This is a significant improvement compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which maxes out at 4K/60FPS.

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2. Display

While camera comparisons will have to wait until the S24 Ultra is in our hands, if the rumors are accurate, Samsung’s upcoming phone seems poised to outshine Apple’s top-tier device, particularly in the display department.

Not only is it expected to have a slightly larger screen (the S23 Ultra had a 6.8-inch display compared to the Pro Max’s 6.7-inch screen), but according to reports from SamLover in March, the Ultra will boast an impressive 144Hz display. Samsung has been leading the refresh-rate race against Apple for years, and although the last couple of years saw both companies adopting 120Hz for their flagship models, it seems Samsung is ready to raise the bar with 144Hz. In this aspect, 144 is indeed a bigger number than 120, giving Samsung a notable edge.

3. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Finally, Samsung’s most significant potential advantage, and also the one shrouded in mystery, is artificial intelligence.

While it’s confirmed that AI will be a part of the S24 lineup, the exact implications remain unclear. Leak hints suggest potential features like live language translation and generative photo editing, putting the S24 in a competitive position, potentially on par with the Pixel 8. In this regard, both would surpass Apple’s AI capabilities, as Apple has yet to fully embrace generative AI on its handsets.

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Whether these AI features would make the S24 Ultra better than the Pro Max is debatable, as not everyone may find generative AI appealing. For instance, some consider features like the Pixel 8’s Magic Editor as more of a novelty. Nevertheless, it’s a unique aspect that Samsung brings to the table, distinguishing itself from Apple in the realm of artificial intelligence.

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