Microsoft and TomTom launched an AI driving assistant
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Microsoft and TomTom launched an AI driving assistant

Having small talk while driving just got a whole lot more fun.

Recently, the internet has gone through significant changes due to the influence of artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, AI is now poised to revolutionize the way we drive.

TomTom, a company specializing in car navigation, has exciting news. They’re working on an AI driving assistant, and they’ve teamed up with Microsoft for this project. The driving assistant will rely on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, which was introduced in January. This collaboration aims to enhance the driving experience with the power of AI.

TomTom’s latest announcement brings a futuristic twist to driving as they collaborate with Microsoft to develop an AI-powered driving assistant. According to TomTom’s press release, drivers will be able to have natural conversations with their vehicles. They can instruct the AI-powered assistant to navigate to specific locations, identify stops along the route, and verbally control various onboard systems. This includes tasks like adjusting the temperature, opening windows, or changing radio stations, all accomplished with a single interaction.

Mike Schoofs, TomTom’s chief revenue officer, emphasized the shared vision with Microsoft to drive innovation using generative AI. The goal is to provide customers with enhanced solutions that transform the in-vehicle experience. Leveraging TomTom’s navigation and technology expertise, the collaboration aims to create a groundbreaking way for people to interact with their vehicles. Integrating both companies’ strengths into a single solution intends to enable drivers to make requests for their cars confidently, trusting that the AI will deliver.

AI driving assistant

While this isn’t the first instance of integrating AI voice assistants into cars, TomTom’s initiative adds a unique touch to the driving experience. Earlier, Mercedes had announced a beta program integrating ChatGPT with the car’s MBUX voice control system, also powered by Microsoft. Notably, other voice assistants such as Alexa, Apple AirPlay, Android Auto, and Siri have entered the scene, though their AI could be more generative like the ones supported by Microsoft.

The press release does not provide details on the public availability of this new voice assistant. For more information, TheOrcTech has reached out to TomTom and will update the article accordingly.

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In an update as of December 19, 2023, at 12:21 p.m. EST, it has been revealed that TomTom and Microsoft plan to showcase their conversational AI at CES in Las Vegas in January. The demonstration will be presented to global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other interested parties. A spokesperson informed TheOrcTech that despite the typically extended lead times in the automotive industry, the development of their voice assistant prioritizes easy integration, aiming to accelerate the time-to-market. While a specific release date is not provided, the goal is to make the AI-driven driving assistant available to drivers as soon as possible, emphasizing the benefits it can bring to their experience.

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