An AI feature has been added to YouTube Music by Google
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An AI feature has been added to YouTube Music by Google

YouTube Music is catering to users who want their playlist artwork to harmonize with the music they love. The Google-owned streaming service debuted an AI-driven capability on Tuesday that allows users to customize their playlist artwork. This announcement comes as part of a comprehensive set of features to enhance the overall user experience.

YouTube Music enthusiasts can now harness the power of generative AI to craft bespoke artwork effortlessly. This innovative feature is seamlessly integrated into the playlist page, offering a guided experience. In the past, playlist artwork was represented by a grid of four album covers contained within the playlist.

Now, by simply tapping on the “edit” tool situated beneath the painting, users can embark on a creative journey. They have the liberty to explore various themes, including landscapes, animals, and travel, enabling them to discover the perfect visual representation. Users can further refine their artwork selection by experimenting with different text prompts and art styles such as Pop Art and Medieval Gothic. Once you’ve curated the ideal artwork to resonate with the playlist’s ambiance, a simple “Save” action completes the process, allowing you to savor the visual enhancement of your music journey.

The AI-generated playlist art feature is currently exclusively available in the United States in English. However, it is set to expand its availability to other regions and languages worldwide in the near future.

YouTube Music has recently introduced a series of innovative features that align with the trend of AI-driven customization seen in various apps and services. These new additions include “Samples,” a TikTok-style vertical swiping experience that offers enticing snippets of new songs for discovery. Integrated comments have been introduced to foster lively discussions within the YouTube Music community. Furthermore, a radio station “tuner” has been included to craft music sessions tailored to specific artists, genres, and moods.

In the pipeline is a “speed dial” module, which will prominently showcase your most-listened-to music on the homepage. This feature, in line with the broader industry trend of leveraging AI for personalized experiences, is slated to become available in the upcoming months. YouTube Music is committed to enhancing its user experience with these forward-thinking additions.

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Spotify, YouTube Music’s main competitor has also released AI features, including an “AI DJ,” and automated translations of podcasts into different languages.

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