A beta version of the Arc browser is now available for Windows
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A beta version of the Arc browser is now available for Windows

Today, The Browser Company revealed the initiation of its Windows client‘s beta version, addressing the clamor from users and onlookers. The demand for a Windows version of Arc intensified, particularly following the company’s move to make the Mac client accessible to all after being invite-only since 2022.

The company disclosed plans to bring on board additional beta users in the coming month and expressed a commitment to swiftly expand invite roll-outs in January. Notably, The Browser Company boasted a waitlist exceeding 500,000 users eagerly anticipating the Windows version.

The startup backed by Thrive Capital has launched its beta version for the Windows client without specifying if it matches the full feature set of the Mac client. However, it noted ongoing efforts to bring features like Peek (webpage preview on hover) and Mini Arc to Windows, indicating that some functionalities may be absent initially.

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Last year, founders Josh Miller and Hursh Agrawal had outlined plans to release a Windows version in 2023, and as the year draws to a close, the company has successfully introduced Swift-based browsers on the platform.

The core team behind the Windows development includes Alexandra Medway, the product engineering lead, Darin Fischer, former VP of Chrome, and Saleem Abdulrasool, a former Facebook engineer and Swift on Windows expert. The company is also working towards open-sourcing its Windows code.

Arc browser has experienced a dynamic year, introducing an iPhone companion app in April, a webpage tweaking tool in May, and AI-based features like file and pinned tab renaming, page summary previews, and access to ChatGPT in October. Additionally, the company introduced a feature in October allowing users to share folders and spaces and split views with non-Arc users.

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